This page allows existing and potential clients to view our terms and conditions, however these are for information purposes only and they cannot be completed from this page. To complete these terms click here.

April 2017.

1.       Instruction Period

BG’s instruction period commences from the date of this agreement and can be terminated by You with 21 days’ notice in writing or by email to

2.       Commission

You will be liable to pay commission at the rate of 0.7% including VAT of the sale price achieved albeit with a minimum charge of £5,000.00 including VAT. This is payable on completion of a sale where the buyer was introduced to the property by BG. Liability for such buyers will exceed our instruction period by 6 months in the event that you change estate agent and 2 years in the event that our instructions are terminated.

3.       Accompanied Viewings Charges

In the event that You request BG to provide staff to accompany viewing(s) You agree to pay £30.00 including VAT to BG for every completed accompanied viewing. The total of these charges will be added to BG’s commission or if this contract terminates You agree to settlement of this charge within one week of receipt of an invoice.

4.       Sole Agency

BG only operates as a sole agent meaning that during BG’s instruction no other estate agent or private seller is permitted market the property via any medium without consent from BG in writing.

5.       Previously Interested Buyers

The names of any interested buyers who have previously been introduced to Your property either privately or by other estate agents should be provided to BG in writing or by email, prior to or on the same day as completion of these terms and conditions.

6.       Insurance and Keys

In the event that BG are supplied with keys to Your property, liability for any loss or damage cannot be accepted. Your insurers should be notified of the circumstances as appropriate.

7.       Offers

Every offer made via BG on Your property will be communicated to You both orally and in writing. Any offer You receive (directly or via another agent) during BG’s instruction period must be disclosed to BG with the identity of the purchaser before Exchange of Contracts.

 8.      Termination

BG reserves the right to terminate their appointment at any time (and upon any reasonable grounds) by giving ten day’s written notice to You.

9.     Conflict of Interest

In accordance with the Estate Agents Act 1979 BG are required to ask You if You are engaged in estate agency work. If so, this must be disclosed to a member of BG in writing or by email to

10.       Money Laundering Regulations

In accordance with current Money Laundering Regulations BG is required to obtain photographic identification and evidence of property ownership from You prior to the launch of Your property.

 11.     The Property Ombudsman

BG adheres to all codes of practice, including a complaints procedure as described by The Property Ombudsman.

12.        Right to Cancel

When these terms are signed online or face-to-face with a BG staff member you will be entitled to terminate our instructions within 14 calendar days in writing or by email to

13.       Definitions

 “Exchange of Contracts” means an unconditional exchange of contracts.
“BG” means Bloomfield Grey Limited whose registered office is at 3a Dedham Vale Business Centre. (company registration number 10305624).
“You” means you or the person/company instructing BG.
“Introduction” means where a buyer has either viewed a property in person (or through a third party) or has had the property brought to his/her attention via marketing organised by BG.