Bloomfield Grey Launch

We are delighted to be launching Bloomfield Grey this Autumn. Since early October we have been busy visiting potential clients providing valuation advice and our first properties will launch for sale in the coming weeks. Keep up with our progress by following us on facebook, linkedin or instagram.    

Why appointing more than one estate agent can cost you money

It’s still common to see homes for sale with more than one agent, but we want to argue that not only do multiple listings provide virtually no benefit, but they harm the chances of finding a buyer at the best price. If you look below you will see an example of a property being advertised … Continued

Helpful advice when choosing your conveyancing solicitor

When selling your property, instructing a good solicitor can mean the difference between a smooth and easy sale, compared to a long and laborious one.  Here are a few tips to bear in mind when choosing a solicitor:  WHEN? There is no harm in instructing a solicitor when you first go to the market, or … Continued


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