Add Value to Your Home: Build an Annex.

Once a home reaches around 2500 square feet (that’s a good sized four or five-bedroom house) it’s probably big enough for most families, so building an extension is not always the best way to add value. These days it could make more sense to build an annex instead. For better-or-worse demand for annexes is on … Continued

Bloomfield Grey Acquire Hestons Property Limited

We are delighted to announce the acquisition of the sales branch of Hestons Property Limited. Hestons have been providing estate agency services to the owners of the finest properties in Suffolk and Essex since 2009. Their reputation and contacts are extensive and their portfolio includes some genuinely impressive properties. We are confident that this development … Continued

Stamp Duty Relief Thanks to Granny.

By Tom Bloomfield. This week, a canny contact of mine alerted me to a significant stamp duty saving he was able to make when purchasing a house that included a granny annex within its grounds. The relief can apply to purchases where one or more buildings within the grounds can be classified as dwellings. The … Continued

Why superb online marketing is vital to achieving your home’s worth.

By Tom Bloomfield. With the housing market now being online, the first and probably only impression that buyers will have of your home is how it appears on the various property portals. So it follows that getting the online marketing as good as it can be is vital to making sure the maximum price has … Continued

The secret to finding “London Buyers” for your home.

By Tom Bloomfield. Every year thousands of Londoners make the decision to switch the convenience of London living for a home in the surrounding counties; a migration that seems to continue through good-and-bad markets. Whilst they normally look for easy travel routes back to the capital for work what really motivates them is what they … Continued

Why pricing matters more in the online housing market

  By Tom Bloomfield. Rightmove and zoopla have turned the housing market into a concentrated selling environment, where vendors can reach every buyer and buyers can see every house. It moves fast too; houses that used to take months to be found can now go under offer in hours. But one by-product of a market made … Continued

Why psychological pricing no longer works.

If you spend time searching for property online you will notice a good number of homes still being marketed using “99” style psychological pricing to make them appear better value. This includes tactical reductions of £5, £50 and sometimes even £5,000 or £55,000 on larger homes. This approach may have had a positive effect before … Continued

Listed buildings – the basics

  A listed building is one that has been mentioned on the Statutory List of Buildings of Special Architectural Historic Interest. A building’s listing will normally highlight what makes it significant to ensure that any future changes do not result in the loss of its heritage.   The History of Listing The damage to buildings … Continued

The importance of great sales progression

When a buyer has been found for your property, regular and thorough sales progression plays a huge part in seeing you through to completion.   Here are a few reasons why: All-round Contact Your agent will be in the fortunate position of having direct access to most parties in a chain, for example- all solicitors, all … Continued

Seven things that no longer matter when selling your home.

Before the arrival of the internet different things mattered when selling your home. It mattered if you used a traditional estate agent and in turn it mattered if that agent had the right kind of buyers on their database. It mattered if they advertised your home in newspapers and magazines. It mattered if they produced … Continued